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Determiantion of molecular weight
Weight-average molecular weight (Mw), number average molecular weight (Mn) and molecular weight dispersion (Mw/Mn) of sample were measured by gel permeation chromatography (GPC). The GPC equipment consisted of TSK G3000-PWXL columns, TSP P100 pump and RI 150 refractive index detector. The eluent was 0.2 M CH3COOH/0.1 M CH3COONa. The flow rate and column’s temperature was maintained at 1.0 ml/min. The column temperature was maintained at 30°C. The sample concentration was 0.4 mg/ml. The standards used to calibrate the column were TOSOH pullulan. All data provided by the GPC system were collected and analysed using the Jiangshen Workstation software package.









Figure 1. GPC profiles of Low Molecular Weight Chitosan

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